Yes, China Steals U.S. Intellectual Property, But That Doesn't Mean Trade With China Is A Bad Thing
Investors Business Daily - 2017-08-21
Trade: As the U.S. gets ready to square off with China over its unfair trade practices, a new study by a group of economists suggests that China has had a major beneficial impact on both U.S. inflation and its standard of living. Will a trade war with ...

US to review China intellectual property policies
BBC - 2017-08-19
The US has formally launched an investigation into China's policies regarding intellectual property. The top US trade official, Robert Lighthizer, said his office had "determined that these critical issues merit a thorough investigation". The move was ...

U.S. formally launches probe of China's intellectual property practices - 2017-08-19
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States on Friday formally launched an investigation into China's alleged theft of U.S. intellectual property, a widely expected move following a call from President Donald Trump earlier this week to determine whether a ...

US launches formal probe over China intellectual property practices
Financial Times - 2017-08-18
The Trump administration formally launched an investigation into Chinese intellectual property theft on Friday in a signal that the departure of Steve Bannon, one of its most prominent economic nationalists, is unlikely to slow a move to take a tougher ...

US formally launches probe of China's intellectual property practices
Fox Business - 2017-08-18
The United States on Friday formally launched an investigation into China's alleged theft of U.S. intellectual property, a widely expected move following a call from President Donald Trump earlier this week to determine whether a probe was needed.

Citizens Against Government Waste Supports the Protection of U.S. Intellectual Property
Business Wire - 2017-08-17
WASHINGTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW) President Tom Schatz issued the following statement in support of the executive memorandum that was signed by President Donald Trump on August 14, 2017, directing the U.S. Trade ...

Chinese Intellectual Property Theft to Continue as Trump Mixes Messages
The Street - 2017-08-17
President Donald Trump this week ordered the United States to take bold action to stop China's theft and abuse of intellectual property. Only, he didn't. That's just what it sounded like he did....1275 more words left in this article. To read them, just ...

Intellectual Property Rights Protect Massive Profits of Corporations
TheRealNews - 2017-08-17
Dean Baker is co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research in Washington, D.C. He is the author of several books, his latest being "Rigged: How Globalization and the Rules of the Modern Economy Were Structured to Make the Rich Richer".

South Korean garment business accuses Texas competitor of copyright infringement - 2017-08-16
LOS ANGELES -- A South Korean garment business is suing a Texas competitor, alleging copyright infringement. C&SM International filed a complaint July 14 in U.S. District Court for the Central District of California against A'Gaci LLC, and Does 1 through ...

Italian ISPs Say New Copyright Amendment Infringes Human Rights
TorrentFreak - 2017-08-16
According to AIIP, it is the judiciary that should have sole power over copyright infringement disputes in Italy. When other bodies such as AGCOM are given control over criminal issues, it represents a violation of both constitutional principles and EU law.

Donald Trump sends tough signal to China on unfair intellectual property practices
Dawn - 2017-08-16
WASHINGTON: The United States in effect served notice on China on Monday by opening an investigation into unfair trade practices focused on intellectual property (IP) and advanced technology. But punitive action is still about a year away, and conclusions ...

Remittances growth beat government target in January-June, BSP says
BusinessMirror. - 2017-08-15
The BSP said the continued increase in remittances in June was supported by stable demand for skilled Filipino workers abroad, citing data from the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration, which indicated a 50-percent hike in the number of Filipino ...

Remittances growth beat government target in January-June, BSP says
BusinessMirror. - 2017-08-15
The BSP said the continued increase in remittances in June was supported by stable demand for skilled Filipino workers abroad, citing data from the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration, which indicated a 50-percent hike in the number of Filipino ...

Fact Sheet: President Donald J. Trump Protects American Intellectual Property
The White House - 2017-08-14
"Enforcing intellectual property rules alone could save millions of American jobs." - Then-Candidate Donald J. Trump INVESTIGATING THEFT: Today, President Donald J. Trump is taking the first step to ensure we protect American innovation and the ...

Donald Trump Directs Investigation of China for Theft of Intellectual Property
Breitbart News - 2017-08-14
President Donald Trump signed a memorandum directing his Trade Representative Robert E. Lighthizer to investigate China for the theft of intellectual property. "For too long, this wealth has been drained from our country while Washington has done nothing.

Lighthizer Says China Intellectual Property Probe a High Priority
New York Times - 2017-08-14
WASHINGTON -- U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer said on Monday that a probe on whether to launch an investigation into China's intellectual property practices will be one of his office's "highest priorities." Lighthizer said in a statement that ...

Enforcement of intellectual property rights and dispute resolution for SMEs - 2017-08-14
THE more valuable the Intellectual Property (IP) assets of your Small to Medium Enterprise (SME), the greater the possibility that others would want to make use of them, without having to pay for them. Do you have a strategy to prevent this? If despite ...

Trump ready to press China harder on intellectual property
The Sentinel Source - 2017-08-13
WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump is stepping up pressure on China over what the U.S. perceives to be the theft of intellectual property, opening a new front of trade friction. Trump will sign an executive memorandum on Monday directing U.S. Trade ...

Trump Cautious on China Inquiry Over Intellectual Property Theft
New York Times - 2017-08-13
BRIDGEWATER, N.J. -- President Trump is planning to jab, not punch, China for allegedly stealing intellectual property from American businesses, part of an effort to fulfill his hard-edge campaign promises on trade without alienating Beijing during the ...

Trump to launch investigation into China intellectual property violations
Chicago Tribune - 2017-08-12
The Trump administration announced Saturday that it is planning to launch an investigation into Chinese intellectual-property violations that could result in severe trade penalties, an escalation that presents both opportunities and risks at a time when ...

ABS-CBN sues Canadian firm for copyright breach
Inquirer - 2017-08-10
The broadcast firm filed a $5-million damage suit against Techspeed Canada Inc., Joe Baddas, Ferdinand Molina and Todd Ross before the Canadian Federal Court for copyright infringement, trademark infringement and enabling and inducing copyright ...

Indigenous artists battle mass-produced fakes, call for protection for their intellectual property
ABC Online - 2017-08-09
As he painstakingly creates his intricate Torres Strait Islander designs telling the stories of his ancestors dating back for millennia, artist Laurie Nona stealthily incorporates unique markings that act as a sort of barcode, to deter would-be counterfeiters.

Kajal Aggarwal loses copyright suit against VVD & Sons
Times of India - 2017-08-09
Chennai: After six years of legal battle with VVD & Sons, a major coconut oil firm based in Tamil Nadu, actor Kajal Aggarwal has lost an Rs 2.5 crore suit seeking damages for alleged copyright infringement by the company. Justice T Ravindran dismissed ...

Apple faces ITC probe in Qualcomm patent spat
The Inquirer - 2017-08-09
"We look forward to the ITC's expeditious investigation of Apple's ongoing infringement of our intellectual property and the accelerated relief that the Commission can provide.'" Apple, when asked for comment, pointed to this prior statement from June ...

Find: Facebook Report Copyright Form - How to Report Copyright Infringement on Facebook - 2017-08-09
You should receive an email response shortly". You should immediately receive an automated email tiled Intellectual Property Report "#". The Facebook Team received a report from you. For reference, your complaint number is "". Please note that ...

Showtime, Fugees Member Settle Documentary Copyright Suit
Law 360 - 2017-08-08
Law360, New York (August 8, 2017, 7:02 PM EDT) -- Showtime and a film production company owned by Pras Michel, a founding member of hip-hop group The Fugees, reached a settlement in a copyright infringement suit, dropping allegations in California federal ...

Kickass Torrents Creator Can't Get Criminal Case Tossed Out
Tech Dirt - 2017-08-08
There is such a thing in civil copyright law, whereby if you're found to be "inducing" copyright infringement (via clear and deliberate statements and steps) you can be found to have to have infringed -- but that's not the case for criminal law.

"Thinking Out Loud" About Copyright Infringement (Again)
JD Supra - 2017-08-08
Ed Sheeran has had plenty of court troubles recently. After reportedly reaching a settlement over his song "Photograph" earlier this year, he was recently sued (a second time) for his song "Thinking Out Loud." The lawsuit alleges that "Thinking ...

Tupac Biopic Copyright Lawsuit Should Be Tossed, Demands Lionsgate
Deadline Hollywood - 2017-08-08
"But Plaintiff fails to plead a fundamental prerequisite to sustain a copyright infringement claim, i.e., receipt or refusal of a registration certificate for the works at issue. Thus, the Complaint fails to allege a single claim upon which this Court ...

Trump Is Said to Wait on China Intellectual Property Probe
Bloomberg - 2017-08-08
President Donald Trump plans to wait at least a week and possibly longer on moving forward with a trade investigation of China on intellectual property violations after the country backed UN Security Council sanctions on North Korea, an administration ...

The Growlers Say Goodbye to Beach Goth and Get Their Own Festival in San Pedro
Orange County Weekly - 2017-08-07
Almost a year after the band was sued by the Observatory's parent company Noise Group for copyright infringement over the use of the name Beach Goth, the band decided to launch their own reboot of the fest with a strong, albeit far less creative name.

Taylor Swift Trial Echoes Michael Jackson's Trip to Denver Court
Dener Westward - 2017-08-07
Now, in fact, many copyright-infringement cases are dismissed by judges at the pre-trial stage. A judge will say, 'I'll listen to it like I listen to all music, and then I'll decide.'" Cartier's argument was weak on these grounds; to this listener ...

Is Usain Bolt's celebration trademarked? Can other athletes copy it? An intellectual property lawyer explains
CITY A.M. - 2017-08-05
Think Usain Bolt and a handful of images immediately spring to mind; gold medals, great gaps between him and a gasping field of competitors struggling to keep up and -- of course -- his famous leaning back, arms outstretched celebration. Saturday night's ...

Kering, Alibaba agree to protect intellectual property
Fibre2Fashion - 2017-08-05
French luxury group Kering, and Alibaba Group and its affiliate Ant Financial Services have signed an agreement to cooperate in their efforts to protect intellectual property and take joint enforcement actions. The actions will be taken online and offline ...

'Zootopia' Copyright Suit Sees New Character, Art Details
Law 360 - 2017-08-04
Law360, Los Angeles (August 4, 2017, 5:18 PM EDT) -- A screenwriter accusing The Walt Disney Co. of copyright infringement over the animated hit "Zootopia" detailed a host of new similarities between the film and his own works on Thursday after a ...

T. Rex heir sues Sony over Baby Driver song copyright
Sky News HD - 2017-08-04
Rex in summer blockbuster Baby Driver "without permission". The son of late frontman Marc Bolan has filed a lawsuit accusing the studio of copyright infringement over the use of the band's hit Debora. Feld Bolan won the rights to the works of his father's ...

Trump speech targeting Chinese intellectual property and trade practices postponed, sources say
CNBC - 2017-08-04
President Donald Trump's speech targeting China's intellectual and trade practices has been postponed. It had originally been scheduled for Friday. President Donald Trump's speech targeting China's intellectual property and trade practices has been ...

Trump is reportedly preparing trade measures, possible sanctions, against China over intellectual property
The Week Magazine - 2017-08-02
The Trump administration is preparing to launch a wide-ranging investigation into Chinese trade practices, especially involving intellectual property theft and market-access requirements, in what could be a first step toward unilateral sanctions on Chinese ...

Nokia wins EUR1.7bn intellectual property payout from Apple - 2017-08-02
Nokia has trousered a EUR1.7bn windfall from Apple following the successful conclusion of an intellectual property dispute. Nokia's chief financial officer, Kristian Pullola, revealed the payment and the difference that it would make in an earnings call ...

Lawsuit ruling sends clear message: Register your photo copyrights ASAP
Digital Photography Review - 2017-08-01
As detailed on, this registration bestows certain benefits and may, in certain circumstances, be necessary: "Before an infringement suit may be filed in court, registration is necessary for works of U.S. origin." A recent U.S. lawsuit ...

Spotify Passes 60 Million Paid Subscribers
ChannelNews Australia - 2017-08-01
However, the company was hit with two new lawsuits last month involving allegations of copyright infringement and music licensing issues.

Judge rules classic picturebooks infringe copyright
The Bookseller - 2017-08-01
He went on to grant summary judgements to the plaintiffs on all nine counts of copyright infringement and rejected Moppet's defence of fair use. In response to the ruling the plaintiffs issued a statement saying: "Penguin Random House, Simon & Schuster ...

Intellectual Property Primer for Startups
JD Supra - 2017-07-31
Many startup companies do not realize that their intellectual property (IP) rights are often their most valuable asset. Few startups have portfolios of real property or vast quantities of retail inventory and other physical assets. What startups usually ...

Awards of excessive compensation under Turkish Intellectual and Industrial Property Law
Lexology - 2017-07-31
Article 17 of the Turkish Constitution provides that "Everyone has ... the right to protect and improve his/her corporeal and spiritual existence." Based on this provision of the Turkish Constitution, the general principles of indemnity law will apply to ...

BI bars 176 sex offenders from entering RP in H1
The Daily Tribune - 2017-07-28
A total of 176 foreign sex offenders have been barred from entering to the country during the first six months of the year, the Bureau of Immigration (BI) reported yesterday. According to BI Commissioner Jaime Morente, the aliens were denied entry due to ...

The future of patent protections
Washington Times - 2017-07-28
Patent infringement cases and attacks on intellectual property have been in the news a lot recently. Pharmaceutical and technology companies, in particular, often must go to court to protect their intellectual property and to seek the courts ...

Facebook has acquired copyright protection start-up Source3 - 2017-07-28
In a blog post, Source3 explained: At Source3, we set out to recognize, organize and analyze branded intellectual property in user-generated content, and we are proud to have identified products across a variety of areas including sports, music ...

TiVo Expands Intellectual Property Licensing Deal With TCL Into North America
Business Wire - 2017-07-28
SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--TiVo Corporation (NASDAQ: TIVO), a global leader in entertainment technology and audience insights, today announced it has expanded its existing intellectual property (IP) license agreement with TCL®, the fastest-growing ...

BPOs, OFWs propel Cebu economy
Philstar - 2017-07-27
"We are optimistic that Cebu will continue to attract more KPO companies given the presence of adequate infrastructure, redundant internet connection, ample supply of skilled college graduates ... Authority (PSA), the Central Visayas region accounts ...

Patent attorney launches intellectual law practice - 2017-07-27
Bahou is experienced in trials and mediations, and is a registered patent attorney who practices in the area of electrical and computer engineering technologies, Blockchain, data privacy, cyber security, health care and intellectual property law ...

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