After a hard year, a house bill targets helping the creative industry
BusinessWorld - 2021-10-19
IT HAS been over a year since audiences have been able to laugh and cry in a movie theater, or sing along with their favorite band in a concert. While the creative sector in the country has managed to transfer activities and events online,

Constitutional basis for social responsibility of corporations vested with public interest
BusinessWorld - 2021-10-18
We come to the root of where all great debates in the Philippines seem to start or end up with -- the constitutional basis of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), as the basis for upholding the Stakeholder Theory for publicly held companies and all other corporations vested with public interest.

Wage theft hits immigrants-hard
BusinessMirror - 2021-10-17
In certain regions, immigrants and wage problems are also concentrated in construction, nursing homes ... project director of the University of California, Los Angeles Labor Center.

Access MCLE founder launches pioneering e-learning platform for lawyers - 2021-10-15
Atty. Peaches Martinez-Aranas of Access successfully established the first-ever digital platform for legal practitioners who wish to comply with their Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (MCLE).

Ressa continues to spit on our laws
The Manila Times - 2021-10-15
RAPPLER CEO Maria Ressa continues to humiliate our nation. She has arrogantly defied our rule of law, in effect saying her stature and the West's adulation of her place

Funding for research: Why the US dominates the Nobels
GMA Network - 2021-10-12
Funding for basic research, which is defined as study for the aim of improving scientific theories or understanding of subjects, is at the heart of America's wins, David Baltimore, co-winner of the 1975 Nobel Prize in medicine,

SC OKs 29 local testing centers for 2020/21 Bar exams - 2021-10-12
The Supreme Court has added five more testing centers on its list for venues of the 2020/21 Bar examinations, bringing the total to 29.

Beijing Consensus vs PHL neo-liberalism: Four decades after
BusinessMirror - 2021-10-06
Part two The amazing success of China in posting an annual gross domestic product growth rate of almost 10 percent in four decades (1980-2019) has triggered a debate among Western economists on the superiority of the so-called "Beijing Consensus"over the "Washington Consensus" in the promotion of growth among developing countries.

BSP backs 12% tax on digital transactions - 2021-10-03
The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas supports a proposal to impose a 12 percent value-added tax on all digital transactions.

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